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Reward : The price of Marketing Excellence awarded to Yswara

Reward : The price of Marketing Excellence awarded to Yswara
Awards : The price of Marketing Excellence awarded to Yswara
Yswara, sets the standards at the 2013 “Nuit du marketing” by the French National Association of Marketing Professionals. This trailblazer of authentic luxury “made in Africa” received the award of Marketing Excellence during the 8th edition of this event.
Yswara, a trailblazer of authentic luxury “made in Africa”, has been awarded the prestigious prize of marketing excellence during the 8th edition of the “Nuit du marketing” by the French National Association of Marketing Professionals (ADETEM). Established in 1954, ADETEM is a French non-profit organization whose mission is to offer an environment of exchange to continually advance the craft and enjoy a unique and qualified relational network of executives, marketers and experts. With over 1500 members in all sectors, it is, to date, the only general association bringing together all marketing professionals.
Among the nominees for this year’s awards were international brands; Aight watches (Light up consulting), Aufeminin.com (Womenology), France Parkinson (Optimus), Hortisud (THC Consulting), Jypaï (Parkoo), Midipile (Creads), la nature à emporter, QualiQuanti, Auvergne nouveau monde, Solstiss, Innocent and Yswara.
After meeting and exceeding the electoral committee’s criteria, Yswara was awarded for both the innovative and transforming qualities of the brand’s marketing strategies and its effectiveness. The criteria included (but was not limited to) the nominees’ ability to; break away from established models, engage in an unprecedented approach, take risks to launch a new product or service, break with market codes and change the lens of the customer relationship.
Yswara’s founder and CEO Swaady Martin-Leke was delighted at the announcement. With a desire to change the perception of Africa and after recognising an opportunity to bring more internationally renowned African brands to the market she launched Yswara in November 2012 as a luxury brand, truly African in origin, nature and tradition. “We could have marketed Yswara as a premium brand rather than a luxury brand, but luxury conveys culture and identity and is a country’s or continent’s image presented to the world – what better way to make an impact and change the perception of Africa than through an African luxury brand, something that has never really been done before”.
Marketing approach
In order to meet international standards in an established, European-dominated industry, the company adopted an aggressive marketing approach that focused on; offering a high symbolic value to its targeted customers, a positioning based on high levels of differentiation (that of “African Luxury”), creating perceptions of exclusivity and uncompromising delivery on a superior brand promise.

Awards : The price of Marketing Excellence awarded to Yswara

Since its launch 9 months ago the company has stretched its reach from Johannesburg, South Africa across the African continent and into the European market in partnership with some of the top brands in these luxury industries. The last 2 months have been especially exciting – Yswara had an extremely successful launch in France in partnership with tea hunter and internationally recognised expert in tea selection Envouthé, it was requested to present a gift-set of its finest African teas and accessories to President and Mrs Obama on their visit to South Africa and preparations to launch the Yswara Atelier (its new showroom in Parkhurst, Johannesburg), as well as its new range of products, began and are well underway for the end of the year.
“We cannot wait to show the world what we have been working on and hope that more awards are in store for us in the future. It would mean more recognition, not only for us, but for the African continent and its promising luxury industry, as well as for all our wonderful suppliers and partners, without whom none of this would have been possible”.
About Yswara
Awards : The price of Marketing Excellence awarded to Yswara Yswara is a trailblazer of authentic luxury “made in Africa”. We call it Luxe Ubuntu; an inclusive luxury manifested in the spirit of kinship and upheld by ideals of compassion, dignity, harmony and humanity.
Guided by the Ubuntu philosophy – “I am because we are”, our driving force is the empowerment of the community and the creation of wealth and Africa’s collective prosperity.
Yswara’s mission is to create the missing link between our continent’s abundant raw materials, rich heritage and unique creativity – to offer exclusive contemporary products of superior quality and craftsmanship that will appeal to both a local and international market.
Yswara’s Luxe Ubuntu Is…

Awards : The price of Marketing Excellence awarded to Yswara

Reversing the commodity trap by keeping the value-add in Africa ; Uplifting African farmers and artisans, especially women, by giving them routes to new markets and expanding their production capability and potential to earn a meaningful income ; Contributing to the rebranding of Africa by pushing the barriers of excellence of African-made products ; Supporting the conservation and promotion of Africa’s cultural heritage ; Fostering the contemporary African identity through a dialogue between tradition and modernity.
“Welcome to Time, where your senses meet in treasured moments.”

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