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Clip : “A Little Lie A Little Kill” – Rythmz

Clip : “A Little Lie A Little Kill” – Rythmz


Rythmz Drops Official Video of the Original Soundtrack for the movie “A Little Lie A Little Kill” .(Cameroon’s First Noir Movie) Written by Ivan Namme, Movie Set for release on 19th April (Footage taken from the film “A Little Lie A Little Kill” – Directed by Tebo Njei).


Synopsis :

movie-cameroon-A-Little-Lie-A-Little-Kill-jewandaGerald Ekoko is a man in for a rough ride when he accidentally meets Charlene Epote, a sensational postgraduate on her own irritating encounter with a relentless hot-tempered admirer (Mike) in an incident that steals Gerald’s heart away. The only problem is, Helen Ewane; Gerald’s recently engaged fiancée and pompous bigmouth will go every length to disrupt this blossoming romance that threatens to have her thrown out and ruin her ever dwindling possibilities for a revered sorority membership. But Mike too won’t let his chances easily on Charlene and wants Gerald out of the way by all means necessary. Thanks to Nina, Charlene’s best friend and adventurous roommate, Gerald and Charlene meet again and this time Gerald is determined never to lose sight of the Cinderella. But Charlene is fearful of the impeding dangers lingering in the nearest future and fights her overpowering sentiments for Gerald. Meanwhile with the help of her newfound friend, Cynthia Elinge, a mutually opinionated sorority mentor, Helen pushes the limits of Gerald patience to the point of no return — Gerald becomes more obstinate and resolved to stick on with Charlene against the all signs of reprisal in a twisted plot that will ultimately lead to murder and possibly commence the downfall of his successful career. But this is only a veneer of truth under a scheme that would reveal the true face of lies, concealment and betrayal. There is more hidden in the matrix than meets the eye, but of course someone else looks likely to die and this time it may be more than just murder.



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