Home Focus Coups de Coeur Music : “Afrikan Luv”, Reniss’ EP is available for free ! (En)

Music : “Afrikan Luv”, Reniss’ EP is available for free ! (En)

Music : “Afrikan Luv”, Reniss’ EP is available for free ! (En)




You waited impatiently, there it is ! Available for free download, “Afrikan Luv” EP, cameroonian singer Reniss’ very first project.

New Bell Music did it again with this hot peace that will probably get Reniss to the rank of Afropop’s princess in Cameroon and more. This EP which breathes Africa will take you for a journey through love from a young african woman’s perpective. Reniss explores range from love, celebration, trial and tribulations, struggle, succes, pain. It’s a philosophical connotation of life and love as two faces of a same coin. All songs were produced by Le Monstre the producer alter ego of Jovi.

No more talking, download it for free on the new label’s website.

Visit the website.

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