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Musique : Paroles officielles de “Don 4 Kwat” de Jovi

Musique : Paroles officielles de “Don 4 Kwat” de Jovi


Il n’est jamais trop tard pour s’enjailler, alors voici les paroles du très acclamé titre “Don 4 Kwat” du rappeur/producteur camerounais Jovi.
It’s never too late to enjoy, so here are the lyrics of the much acclaimed “Don 4 Kwat” from cameroonian rapper/producer Jovi.




Don 4 Kwat

Verse 1 

Ask Petit them for Kwat I dey for here for Helep

Early Morning Time I Dey Veranda With Cheleps

Bring me cold shack open’am with teeth

When I drink drunk show me any wall for Piss

When I finish Shack I di turn chat chap

Take yi go ma house Blow’am then I Turn Start Tchack

You di talk For Kwat Sey I Be Mbanga Boy

You di beg Mimbo You Be Na Langa Boy

Enough said na enemies are not Death 

By the time I’m done with them the boy dem go cough red

You go see blood because you di run mop 

You di bark you no di bite oh boy you be na ngong Dog

No di high like Garri Mop di smell like warri

I fresh like fish ask ma Kojo Man Harry

Ma Tory short yi no get part two

Don Kwata Style Mon Gar Je suis partout


Chorus ( Repeat 2Times )

Me I Be Na Don 4 Kwat 

Oh Boy I Be Na Don 4 Kwat

I di Lob

I do ma thing Kwata Style


Verse 2

Pity yourself I Beg No Pity Me

The Whole Club Sick I di Cause epidemic

Deadly with delivery I bring much pain

I drown your whole mind to Misery

Haters You Feeling Me Oh Silly Me

Who would have know even park boys will be feeling me

It’s strange Things change

When money comes things will never be the same

I rather kick the bucket than have an empty pocket

Fast ways fast money shoot like a rocket

Ahead Ahead I go finish Ma Fufu 

When the money come you go gimme the Tutu

And When I Nackam, the Koum Koum go tight

We go poundam turn am till the Koum Koum is Right.

Massa Nobi Lie Me I be na don

I dong Don Soutey Trong what have I never done


CHORUS (  Repeat 2 Times )


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