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Nouvelle Vague : Clarence Affana – Chanteuse – Cameroun

Nouvelle Vague : Clarence Affana – Chanteuse – Cameroun

My name is Clarence AFFANA aka Klareens, I am a 20-year-old cameroonian girl studying and living in the beautiful island of Dominica (Caribbean). I grew up in Cameroon and left 3 years ago (approx) to attend a university overseas.
I love singing and music in general. My musical influences are Beyonce and recently I have grown to love Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J.
I’ve always loved singing but it’s only when I moved that I actually started singing in front of others. I sing in church, I am member of cultural choir and I have performed for university shows several times.
I sing everything except rock but my preferences are power ballads, Rnb, Hip Hop and Gospel. I do a lot of my work along with friends of mine like Samuel, who plays piano and guitar and who will be seen in a lot of my cover videos.
All my audios are recorded at home , mixed and mastered by myself.
I hope you enjoy my covers and original songs.
Please visit my blog.




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