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People : Celebs on Thanksgiving

People : Celebs on Thanksgiving

The Simmons Family and Mike Wayans Vanessa Simmons pregnant

Celebrities too like to spend time with their loved ones during Thanksgiving and they now share it on instagram.

Check out what The Simmons, Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, 2 Chainz, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Kobe Bryant and the others did for the holiday this year !

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The Simmons family and Mike Wayans

While you were buttering up the rolls and about to go throw down on some turkey and yams yesterday, some of your fav celebs were having bonding time with their own families.  Run’s house is all grown up now with Angela Simmons, a pregnant Vanessa Simmons, Vanessa’s boyfriend Mike Wayans, her little brothers Jojo, Diggy and Lil Russ, and her little sister Miley gathering together for family dinner. And it was all hosted at Tyrese’s house.  Tyrese wrote: “Honored to host the Simmons Family …. @unclerush is on the way….. #BlessedThanksGiving.”

Bow Wow and Miss Joie Celebrate Thanksgiving

After a rough start, Bow Wow is starting to have some serious feelings for his daughter’s mother Miss Joie.  They’d make a cute little family.  He wrote on Instagram, “My daughter would not sit still for this thanksgiving pic w/ me and her mom for nothing. @missjoie thank you so much for spending this day w me and my family. Means alot love you always! Let me be the example if no one else will to our young fathers. I got yall! You can do it too!”

Gabrielle Union w_ Bosh's baby girl

Gabrielle Union stopped by the Boshes for Thanksgiving to get a peek at Chris and Adrienne’s new baby girl, Dylan.

Nia Long and family celebrate Thanksgiving

Nia Long, her son Kez and boyfriend Ime Udoka spent quality time together.

Trey Songz Thanksgiving with Family

Trey Songz chilled with his cousins in Virginia after Thanksgiving dinner.

Trey Songz and his brother Thanksgiving

Trey and his brothers Alex and Forrest!

Mariah Carey Nick Cannon and their twins celebrate Thanksgiving

Nick, Mariah and their twins Moroccan and Monroe prepared for the holidays.  Those twins have so much personality!

Eudoxie, Ludacris and Ludacris mom

Ludacris, his girlfriend Eudoxie and his mom spent the holidays together.

Snoop Dogg celebrates Thanksgiving With his Family

Snoop Dogg shared photos of his beautiful family at the dinner table.


And you know Mama Oprah was throwing down.  She posted of pics of her cooking jalapeño corn fritters, sweet potatoes and turkey for her dinner guests.


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