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Photo : The Glenford Nunez “The Coiffure Project”

Photo : The Glenford Nunez “The Coiffure Project”

The Glenford Nunez ‘The Coiffure Project’ embraces natural beauty. Nunez, a 25-year-old photographer, is the founder Baltimore-based TYP Photography Studio and fortuitously created, ‘The Coiffure Project.’ The project came about when the photographer decided to snap shots of his natural hair assistant. From those original shots, the project was born.
Nunez set out to document black women who rock their natural black hair. The positive portrayals of women embracing their curly-haired coifs acts as hairapy by going against many perceptions popularized in society.
These striking black and white shots use ten subjects in this first series of photographs, though Nunez hopes to continue to expand the project and is on the lookout for some curly-haired models.

Source : trendhunter




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