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Single : “BBD” – Azealia Banks

Single : “BBD” – Azealia Banks



Check out “BBD” the brand new song of Azealia Banks. The “Bad B*tches Do It” song is the first single off her upcoming debut studio album Broke With Expensive Taste, out February 12th.
She recently spoken out about becoming anti-fashion and anti-rap…the two very things that got her here in the first place.  But she says she’s not interested in getting pigeonholed into those fickle IT-girl roles.  Azealia told Hypetrak mag:

“I think that too much fashion attention as an artist can actually smother you. And it can actually really, really distract from your music. And I kind of almost got there with it, you know what I mean? Where it was like, fashion fashion fashion fashion fashion. And I was like this fashion darling. I was putting out records… and the only record anyone would listen to was “212″. That was the only Azealia Banks record that anyone knew…”

You can very easily get sucked up by the fashion world, because they bring artists in to make themselves look a certain way, and then as soon as someone new comes up, they’ve completely forgotten about you. They’re so fickle. If you place your faith in the fashion world, you will get let down.”




Let me get that,
Let me get that oooh,
I get it when I get that ooh,
I spend it when I whip that

Flossin’ on them haters,
It’s that boss – the bitch, that caker.
Trick dad’s born to tip that shaker,
He’s forfeiting all that paper,
Niggas coughing off that 8th of-
I wanna hit them vapors,
It’s that sporty bitch that game ‘em,
They calling me super sega – hit that

I’m just really out here livin
Something like the new edition
They say im poison what’s the difference ?
BBD – Michael Bivins

All my bad bitches do it
Bad bitches do it, (4x)

I’m just stuntin in stilettos,
Holla playa hello,
All them dusty bitches jello (jealous)
I’m rising, I split that ghetto…
It’s that time, look at that bezel
Dining with that cello,
Freaky finer china fellow,
He’s pumpin banana yellow – get that

Let me get that,
Let me get that oooooh.
When I spit that, ima spit that oooooh
When i hit that, lemme hit that ooooh
I get it when I get that oooooh
I spend it when I spend that oooh

I spend it when I get that oooh
Fine, feminine – I whip that woop
Dram-Drama? Niggas get that deuce.
Ram-bam-a-lamma flip that loot.
Gam champ – her jiggy jam on loop.
Damn fam, what ya man gon do?
I get it when I whip that woop
I spend it when I spend that loot

Wilding wit my bitches
I be stylin with my bitches,
Pretty eyes and long extensions- they smiling in all them pictures.
I be rising with my bitches,
Riding with my bitches,
We the finest of them bitches
We diamonds – it’s diamond district !

Get that ice nigga, ice nigga
Bitch wanna freeze like white winter.
She needs the g’s , that price went up
She need to see that bright shimmer
He wanna get that nice,
Wanna fit that slice, wanna see that spice simmer.
She want it with that white nigga…
Peachy-pinky-piped nigga
Be’s what it be’s “little breeze by the sea” -az, been about that life nigga.
Tits out with ya wife, nigga.
I’m bringing out the dyke in her.
XOXO fine scissor sister, 69 – whip that

I get it when i get that
I spend it when I whip that.

Let me get that,
Let me get that oooooh.
When I spit that, ima spit that oooooh
When i hit that, lemme hit that ooooh
I get it when I get that oooooh
I spend it when I spend that oooh


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