Home Blog Single : “LuV LOVE LauV” from Reniss ft. Jovi – Exhilarating ! (En)

Single : “LuV LOVE LauV” from Reniss ft. Jovi – Exhilarating ! (En)

Single : “LuV LOVE LauV” from Reniss ft. Jovi – Exhilarating ! (En)

Reniss-Luv-Love-Lauv-new-bell-musicLIRE EN FRANCAIS

Wanda People, I present to you my very personal crush “LuV LOVE Lauv” from Reniss featuring Jovi.
Needn’t to present them anymore, Reniss and Jovi members of the New Bell Music team have just put us down with this new single “Luv LOVE Luv.”
Where should I start to explain you what this song does to me ? When I discovered this single in preview, I just opened my mouth and it remained that way all along !
From the first notes … Bam ! I thought noooo ! They didn’t do that ! Again ? Better than ” The Apple “? This voice full of character and yet of joy still traumatized me. Pidgin, English, Douala are the first languages ​​that can be heard. “Eselenika!” I love it ! But then the chorus arrived, the finale ! Jovi’s singing ! I di talk say hein ! And he actually does it very well ! Not to mention his flow in pidgin, become inevitable. And because we could not do without it, the bridge in Mankon sang by Reniss, this country language now sweet to my ears. Conquered, I am. Yes, I’m in “Luv LOVE Lauv” and I listen to it on replay mode.
So, in short, an exhilarating put-you-in-a-good-mood kind of song ! Catchy, a bit tribal pop, made in Mboa and talking about love in all its forms. According to me, a potential summer hit. Reniss confirmed she’s in the game and she’s in it for long, if you ask me.
New Bell Music for a musical revolution ? I am more than convinced at this point !


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