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Video : “Stop N Go” – Bethebest

Video : “Stop N Go” – Bethebest


Bethebest - Stop N Go

WanDiscovery for Wanda People ! “Stop N Go”, the first music video of the Bethebest band, an artists group born in Budapest, is now available.
Bethebest (BTB) is a music band born in 2011 in Budapest, and bringing together diverse origins artists (Angola, Cameroon, USA, Hungary ) : lyricist, composers, performers, dancers and designers. The main members of the group are Peezy, FRK, Superkelio and D-Style.
In 2011 the Bethebest band started shows around Budapest in the mix Club, lately in Yokai 8 music club and in different pubs and scene of the city. In 2012 they entered once more in studio where they started to record your next up radio bangers…
Influenced by the greatest musicians and their own creativity, they have embraced different music genre : Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Rn’b. To produce something they call good music, always open to new challenges, they mix different musical genre plus a bunch of featuring (YJ, Chris Ray, Top Mass…).
Their first official music video called “Stop N Go” dropped the 25th of December 2012, giving a definition to “Bethebest” (diversity, struggle, love and unity).

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