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Video : The very sexy promo video from Frenchkind (En/Fr)

Video : The very sexy promo video from Frenchkind (En/Fr)


Wanda Pipo, check out the latest promo video from the lifestyle brand Frenchkind featuring the cameroonian model Laura Luijk ! Mamami ! Hawt, hawt, hawt !
The video instantly grabs the viewers’ attention as it portrays a beautiful african model playfully enjoying a sunny day, sipping wine, dancing to fine music and swimming in an exquisite mansion setting while wearing the brand’s t-shirt, tank top and snapback in a way that most women wouldn’t think of.
The model truly personifies the brand’s lifestyle as she takes the audience’s breath away with a melange of being happy and flirty but also very classy. She’s seen to be free, different and comfortable in herself, a representation of the brand’s slogan.
The concept of this video was created and compiled in a manner that demonstrates the creative and innovative side of this lifestyle brand. The video is not only created for marketing purposes only but also to broaden its clientele by targeting companies and or individuals such as models, artists interested in creating such quality videos.
‘Frenchkind’ is a lifestyle brand known for combining videography, photography, artist management and a clothing line. The brand is based in Arizona and was founded by Rostand Mvie and Simon Mounkam in 2011.
Check out the sexy video !


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[youtube]http://youtu.be/jq1oSXVBeEU?hd=1 [/youtube]


Video by: Frenchkind
Model: Laura Luijk
Artwork by: Salam Carther
Brand: Frenchkind
Yaounde and Douala snapbacks
Black ‘La Mort’ t-shirt
White ‘La Mort’ Tank-top





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