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WanDiscovery : Age Musiq, Singer – Cameroon

WanDiscovery : Age Musiq, Singer – Cameroon

Age Musiq - "I am officially missing you", video

WanAddicts today, let’s discover where the mix of cultures can lead to, with Age Musiq, an artist coming from Cameroon.
Born from a mix of Cameroon and France, Age Musiq (Edima Atangana) spent most of his life between North America, Cameroon, France and speaks 3 languages. He dreams to make a timeless and authentic music influenced by all those cultures. Multiculturalism is the basis of his inspiration.
Age Musiq defines his music as Alternative Hip-Hop, a mix of Hip-Hop, Soul/Neo-Soul, R&B, Bossa nova, Samba, Afrobeat, Makossa etc… He explains that he can’t put himself in just one category because the music is too rich, styles evolve everyday but the authenticity stays the same. Obviously Age Musiq wants to reach as much people as possible but what gives him motivation is the fact that his feelings and emotions can reach the listeners; either they are ten or a thousand. He’s inspired by artists like D’Angelo, The Foreign Exchange, a tribe called quest, Little Brother, Mos Def Musiq Soulchild, Blu, Sergio Mendes, Fela Kutl, Lokua Kanza, Manu Dibango etc…
Love’s The Perfect Journey” will be the Age Musiq’s very first EP which should be out this summer. For him love makes people travel through all kinds of feelings such as pain, joy, anger, excitement, passion. Either good or bad, these feelings are what makes love an exciting journey.
Before it, enjoy this Age Musiq‘s last video, an acoustic rendition of “I’m Officially Missing You” By Tamia. The video was recorded at his place with the fabulous singer Cyber, member of the Alaiz crew (Kaytranada, High KlassifiedDa-p etc..). It is a preview of his upcoming “Love’s the perfect Journey” that will be out in June.

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