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WanDiscovery : Banye Di Banso Boy, Rapper – Cameroon

WanDiscovery : Banye Di Banso Boy, Rapper – Cameroon
WanDiscovery : Banye Di Banso Boy – Artist (Cameroon)
Wanda Family, today we are glad to introduce you to Banye Di Banso Boy, a young camerounian rapper.
He just released a new single that is making a lot of waves across Cameroon. He has been nominated for several upcoming awards and Made big appearances.
Banye Augustine better known by his stage name Banye Di Banso Boy was born in a small town Kumbo in the North West region of Cameroon to a teacher Augustine Veye and house wife Tafon Evangeline. He is the last of three sons and His parent divorced when he was just two, so he spent the early years of his life between his step mother, maternal and paternal grandmothers. He is reported to have had a difficult childhood but still he had a modest life and Christian UP bring. He attended PCHS Kumbo. Were he is said to have live the most magic and life changing moments of his life. His close friends say he has always been rebellious and adventure loving. He was always amongst the first in class graduated from secondary school with good grades. When banye graduated from secondary school his life took several wrong turns as he would famously quote. He had difficulty in high school and ventured to several other things.
Banye started raping in secondary school but it was said to have been nothing serious as he had always dreamed of being a doctor or engineer. His first time in the studio he was taken there by his elder brother Visha V. who is also an artist. In 2009 Banye started writing lyrics and poems mostly for the pleasure of it, it wasn’t until when he took a break from school that his dream of becoming a musician started concretizing. He then recorded a mix tape in September 2011 titled “Love Me Later” which never got to be released due to disagreements with his then record label. It was said to be dominated by American type songs which were not commercially the best for local artist at the time. Banye went on and did other demos like PAYS “Too Strong”, “Hot Kok”, and several remixes of urban songs like “Not Afraid” by Eminem.
Late 2012 Banye decided to get serious with his carrier and his debut single “Chorkoh” was an instant hit. He also decided to adopt Banye Di Banso Boy as his artistic name giving up Dwaves or Virus X as he was formerly known. Due to the success of the Audio track banye was signed into Warrior Records the label which he droped “Chorkoh” video under and is said to release his album under the same label. Banye is said to be influence Jovi another successful rapper from Cameroon but he admits he listen to a lot of Kery James, Orelsan, Diams, Eminem and Nneka. He says he is inspired by real life stories and situations as his RP is full of street talk and ghetto representation.


Check below “Chorkoh” Banye Di Banso Boy’s debut track tilted which video was released on April 2013. His album is set to come out late 2013. He currently hold the record for toping Mount Cameroon radio charts for six week continues. His video “Chorkoh” is also the first Anglophone video to enter directly in to top ten Cameroon charts upon release.


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