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WanDiscovery : Debra Debs, Neosoul singer – Cameroon

WanDiscovery : Debra Debs, Neosoul singer – Cameroon
WanDiscovery : Debra Debs, Neosoul singer - Cameroon
Wanda Family, we are proud to let you discover today Miss Debra Debs, Cameroon Born British artist, who’s specially attached on sounds soulful. Her first EP entitled “Whuman”, have been struggled on 2011.
Neosoul singer Miss Debra Debs is a Cameroon-born British artist with a penchant for all sounds soulful. Born in Yaoundé, she owes her early music days to her mother’s Jazz collection and the missionary boarding school for girls. She attended for 7 years where she sang tenor in both the choir and girl band she formed with her classmates. She was also a leading drama student in high school which prompted her to pursue a degree in Film & Media with Drama in Winchester, UK in the summer of 2000. 5 months later, however, she dropped out of the course saying “I felt silly rolling on the floor in the name of drama. It wasn’t as practical as I thought it was going to be and I didn’t want to analyse shadows in film noirs!”. Fortunately for her she was introduced to another Rn’B Cameroonian musician who encouraged her to do music instead. She eventually dropped out of her first degree and pursued another degree in Popular Music and the rest they say is history.
Debra Debs SideDebra Debs describes her music “Neosoul ful Jazzy Rn’B Afrosoul” and as much of a mouthful that is, listening to her early 2011 EP entitled “Whuman” puts that description into perspective with songs like Love Galore, Blending Colours, Fizzy Lemonade and Africa (Higher Higher). There is no mistaking she’s been influenced by the likes of Jill Scott, Ella Fitzgerald Floetry and even D’Angelo. Her music is infused with 90’s Rn’B, Jazz, Gospel and African Rhythms and tend to impart either socio-conscious messages or poetic enchantments for those with a weakness for describing seduction.
In the past couple of years she has supported RnB 90’s group Next, released her EP (Whuman) with rave reviews, performed at several sold out venues including the prestigious Royal Opera House, made the Urban Music Awards ‘Ones to Watch list’, made the top 20 singles list on the Official European Charts, been a guest on numerous international TV shows and released the official video for Africa [Higher Higher] directed by cameroonian February 16th, which has been aired both on local and international TV stations and has garnered a platinum 1 million youtube views to date and still growing.
The journey has just begun as she’s now bagged slots at upcoming festivals in Europe and has been working on her upcoming debut album for release later this year with a live performance at the prestigious Urban Music Awards.
Whuman EP is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, CD Baby.

Visit the Website.

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