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WanDiscovery : “Lori Connexion”, the platform serving female entrepreneurs

WanDiscovery : “Lori Connexion”, the platform serving female entrepreneurs

Lori Connexion : Ladies of real influence

Wanda Ladies, this is for you ! Lori Connexion, the new bilingual media platform serving female entrepreneurs. Created by Stéphane Atanga this platform wants to be the hub of female entrepreneurs and all those who dedicate a special interest in women’s entrepreneurship.
“Lori (Ladies Of Real Influence) Connexion”, the only platform that meets the needs of female entrepreneur ! It offers products that are designed to make life easier for all entrepreneurs who had to carry out projects that have an impact on our daily lives. According to this, informations are continuously available there, as well as communication tools and a platform for networking and exchange of resources.
Lorimagazine-ladies-of-real-influence“Lori Connexion” provides opportunities for female entrepreneurs and business structures who wish to reach a large female audience to effectively promote their services on the web. They both have been created, a platform for networking and a media platform that provides and shares informations and communication tools. This allow advertisers and entrepreneurs to join an extensive network of female entrepreneurs.
“Lori Connexion” has been created exclusively to promote, inform and connect entrepreneurs women. For Lori, women’s entrepreneurship deserves to be better known and stimulated. As a member of the network, entrepreneurs women can discover, meet, communicate and jump back with Loris and entrepreneurs who share their interests. They can also discover the particular services and products offered by other members.
Stéphane Atanga, the creator of this platform, is a young entrepreneur born in Yaounde, located in Quebec. This graduate of the University of Sherbrooke holds a BAA SC in Economy. Before launching “Lori Connexion”, he managed a blog on women’s entrepreneurship : Lori Magazine. Although he has not studied in this field, the media industry is his passion.
So, all roads leading to entrepreneurship Wanda People ! This is a keeper !

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