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WanDiscovery : Stephanie Tatapong, Model & actress – Cameroon

WanDiscovery : Stephanie Tatapong, Model & actress – Cameroon


Wow ! Picture model, clip girl  and actress. All these qualifications for the young Cameroonian Stephanie Tatapong who is also perfectly bilingual (English & French). More about her in the following presentation.

Philomene Stephanie Tatapong Beyala is a Cameroonian picture model, clip girl  and actress born on the 12th may 1993, in Yaounde – Cameroon. She is a mixture of the French and English speaking part of Cameroon originating from her mother who is Beti/Ewondo from the centre and her father a Bamenda/Bangolan   from the Northwest region giving her this cultural mixture of Beti-Bamenda.

She had always been at the head of every cultural activity throughout her primary and  secondary education, head of a dance crew “dream girls”, social prefect, university delegate and theater organizer. She is now  extending her hobbies to something more professional  by getting into the film industry and picture adverts world. Now a degree student in sociology, she is working hard for more accomplishment and  getting  international someday.

At 20 years old, she is presently signed to February 16th pictures as a model/ actress/ hip-hop girl and assistant and is also available for any positive and well paid collaborations for films, clip featuring and films.

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Age- 20

Height – 1.60 m

Weight – 50

Eye color- Dark brown

Hair color – Black

Skin color- Brown skin

Work – Video girl at “Brekete Brekete” (Wax Dey), “C’est La Vie” (Reniss), Mboa Tape and many more…

Strongest point – Can reveal multi-different personalities in pictures.







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