Home Musique Wimbo-Kasi Wimbo-Kasi : “Camp Mulla” – Africa’s most exciting upcoming music group

Wimbo-Kasi : “Camp Mulla” – Africa’s most exciting upcoming music group

Wimbo-Kasi : “Camp Mulla” – Africa’s most exciting upcoming music group


Wanda People. Here is for you “Camp Mulla”, an exciting upcoming kenyan music group created in 2009. Here is more about them…

“Money is the motive, music is the way, Camp Mulla is the name”; this could be the motto of this leading group coming out of Kenya. The fivesome from Naïrobi was formed in 2009 and left many in awe as they emerged in the musical scene in 2011. The group was made of Miss Karun, Young Kass, TheeMcAfrica, K’Cous (the producer) and their hype man Mikey Touchi.  They call their musical style “2-5-Flow” (a pun of Kenya’s calling code) : this is a mixture of different genres such as House, Electro, R&B and Rap.
camp-mulla-music-group-jewanda-2013-1Their first single “Party Don’t Stop” expresses the whole uniqueness and originality of their music: perfect paced rhythm, freshness, “Joie de vivre”, fun, urban codes…, Camp Mulla’s main goal is to spread Urban Hip-Hop music influence all over Africa and the world as a whole“

Camp Mulla is one of the best things to Kenyan music scene and Africa’s music in general, as they sold our music across the world. In spite of the young age of this group, it already became one of the most popular music groups on the African continent. They were nominees for the Best International Act-Africa in the prestigious 2012 BET Awards and also for MOBO’s, MTV Europe Music Awards, Kora Awards, BEFFTA Awards, Channel O Music Video Awards and won 2 Kenyan Chaguo La Teeniez Awards.

Middle 2013 many fans were concern about the future of the group as two of his core members, Miss Karun and TheeMcAfrica (former Taio Tripper) left the crew to pursue solo careers.

We hope the group will continue to show the talented face of Africa’s youth to the world.

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